French Riviera - sweep of Mediterranean shoreline

Why do we invite you to join us in March 2015 on this special French Riviera Experience program?

The pictures speak for themselves...


This is our house in Lexington, Massachusetts in February   This is an outdoor restaurant on the picturesque port of St. Jean Cap Ferrat, also in February


We know that many of you don’t have our New England winter weather...but imagine our surprise to discover that the person next to us at the restaurant was from Arizona and also wanted to go somewhere else in March.

Every year she visits the French Riviera because it has...

  • A great climate and healthy lifestyle
  • Picturesque villages and scenic drives
  • Many cultural and educational opportunities
  • Delicious Mediterranean cuisine

If you’re this type of traveler, the “French Riviera Experience" program is for you.

In summer the French Riviera is much more a beach and yachting resort - crowded with visitors. You have less chance to meet the locals.

In winter it is still alive but very different. The city of Nice and the whole French Riviera are shielded by the Alps, making it among the most sheltered destinations on the Mediterranean - climate-wise.

That’s when the locals like it...and so do we!

We have been in the European travel business for over 35 years and have seen a tremendous amount of Europe. We always get pulled back to the French Riviera.

Now we invite you to join us for an unforgettable time...

This coming March explore with us...

  • The French Riviera’s easy-going lifestyle
  • The great foods, wines, cheeses
  • The many cultural events
  • And the major sights...without the crowds

Yes, the French Riviera is our favorite destination.

We hope to make it yours, too!