French Riviera - sweep of Mediterranean shoreline

The French Riviera Experience

General Tips

                           (To be completed in December/January for March 2015)

What is the weather like in March on the French Riviera?

What should we bring along?

  • clothes, rain coat

Medical services in Nice and on the French Riviera

  • Regular Medicare not covered.
  • Take special insurance.


  • Euros
  • Credit card for restaurants, optional activities, etc. Capital One (no fees) Note: Before you leave tell the credit card companies in what countries / areas you will be so your card won’t be blocked when you need it.
  • Debit card – for getting money from cash machines. (Using credit cards for getting cash is expensive)


  • 220 Volt. However, hotels have hair-dryer, iron, plug for razor.


  • Hotels, cafes and restaurants already include a 15% service charge. Leave the change (or a few Euros in a restaurant) if the servuces was very good.

Transportation on the French Riviera

  • Self-drive car vs. local bus and train services (Itineraries with stops) Green Michelin guide.
  • Parking is quite costly in France. (In Nice about $30 for an overnight)
  • Driving instructions for France
  • Book a car before you go for the whole period. The minimum generally is for three days. Book rentals for one or two days in France (more costly.)

Any other questions – Please email French Riviera Vacations here.